Antony Gormley at White Cube (28.11.12 – 10.2.13)

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Antony Gormley’s work emerges as a beam use to support the mind, a stationary store full of similar items. The interesting part is their simplicity in terms of form and tranquility. Gormley emphasised the need to create works that activates space and make the audience aware of their own situation within this arena. When entering the exhibition space, you are confronted with several sculptures arranged across the corridor. The first room on the left (South Gallery 1) is a collection of models made from various materials, size and shape installed on a series of metal tables. In this room everything appears to be mathematically calculated, a language of architecture. I was overwhelmed by the quantity of these semi structures and how each part was perfectly connected. The intention that exists and the message are very clear, this is a room produced to show the look and function of an object before it is built. Gormley has a strong knowledge of materials and their sensibility, an understanding of form and weight. Nonetheless, can his sculptures provide anything beyond what he has already accomplished? Or is he merely trying to retrace its previous life with the hope of discovering something new? The reason for these questions, is because, most his work is an act of repetition – In other words, recycling their own DNA. The following room, the work titled Mark, offer to a small degree a different perspective, the direction and distance reminds me of a signpost, something that acts as a guidance as to where to position oneself. In the North Gallery, six large works were composed evenly across the space. The South Gallery II is a work, which allows visitors to walk into this structure. In comparison to other pieces on show, this particular instrument arranged in parts is different in its capacity to take and give. Each section very much relies on human interaction, a conversation between the spectator, the work and possibly the other, the one beside you or outside this so-call body – there is an unpleasant emotion filled with some sort of desire or the need to experience, to be taken on a journey.  I find it extremely strange and in one hand, I admire Gormley for his dedication and life pursuit but on the other, I feel the list of works in this exhibition is beginning to interrupt its own trick. Just as people, can an idea after a series of prolong activity be weakened? Despite all the above questions, I am optimistic of the power embedded in room four, the South Gallery II. Whether or not the show was a success, I simply believe Antony Gormley is trapped within his own canvas. The only question is, should he declare a new identity unaccustomed to previous ideas with an option of obtaining a new mood of expression and purpose or remain a slave to such ideology?

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